Do you have second skills to pay the bills?

Do you want to start a home business?

Do you need help with home business ideas?


A recent survey suggests more than 60% of people have ‘second’ skills they don’t employ in their day jobs.

– “skills showcase’ WorldSkills, London


In this current economic climate it’s high time that you began taking advantage of them…?

Most people have a hidden talent, but have they ever tried to make any cash from it?

home businessA survey has found that more than 61% of adults in the UK have skills they don’t use in their day jobs, like teaching, childcare or plumbing that hey could be employing to make extra money. Extra money that could help out a great deal in this current economic climate!

According to this same survey, those who are already using their ‘second skills’ for financial gain are pumping £7.6bn into the UK economy. Now that’s impressive!

Are you one of those people?

If not, why not?

According to figures…

  • More than 300,000 people are making more than £5,000 a year
  • More than 28% of people earn more than £1,000 a year.
  • Of those who say they’ve got an extra skill…
    • 12% say it’s painting and decorating
    • 10% say it’s childcare
    • 9% reckon they’re budding web designers.
    • Nearly25% say they’ve mastered the art of cooking

(Although prospective customers might not all be in agreement that bunging a can of Heinz Spaghetti and sausages in the same pan constitutes haute cuisine!)

  • 20% of those who say they’ve got second skills earn money from them
  • 40% prefer to employ them on a strictly hobby-only basis
  • 33% say they use them to help out friends and family.
  • 20% cite them on their CV (They reckon it’ll improve their job prospects)
  • 16% say they’d like a job where they could use their skills

But the most interesting statistics (in my opinion) are as follows…

  • 5m people are actually planning to use their extra skills to change career.
  • More than 1m people want to start a business with them. (Judging by the state of the jobs market in the UK that might have to be sooner, rather than later…)

What second skills do you have that could either…

  • home business millionairesMake you money now!
  • Enhance your job prospects!
  • Assist in a preferred career change!
  • Start a business with!

As for me I have always used my “second skills” to generate passive income streams that have helped me and my family enjoy our lives a little more comfortably.

Whilst holding down my various 9-5’s over the years, I have always sought to generate additional income. I have earned money from various “second skills” such as…

  • Acted as “joint venture deal” broker for local businesses (can be very lucrative)
  • Advised small business owners as a coach (still doing that as I love it)
  • Designed websites (in the early days)
  • Sold on eBay (who hasn’t?)
  • Started small part-time businesses (some good, some bad)

However, it has to be said that the easiest and quickest way to make ADDITIONAL & SERIOUS income with a “second skill” is write about it or educate others to do the same thing!

Now you are scratching your head???

There is a saying that goes “Everyone has a book in them!” and its’ true. But here’s the best part – it doesn’t even have to be in you…it can be in somebody else!!

I have “written” a couple of books/guides (call them what you will) that have generated me thousands of £££’s and created a successful business without me even putting pen to paper!

Self-Publishing (or not as the case may be) is easy enough and very profitable (if done correctly) especially on the internet. With today’s advanced technology, it has never been easier for anyone to self-publish their own eBook, guide, report or database. Alternatively, source popular products to sell at amazing profits!!

We live in an age of “instant gratification” and couple this with the fact that the internet is all about information and automation you are onto a winner!

Internet users want information and they want it right now. That’s why eBooks are considered to be the “perfect” online product. They provide Internet users with the information they desire and can be instantly downloaded, satisfying our needs for both information and instant gratification.

What’s more, you can create and market your own eBook for a good price and in large volumes, if you know what you are doing and in most cases you’ll pocket  100% of the profits!

I own a business which successfully guides people who have a “second skill” or “have a book in them” to create an income from them.

I provide ALL of the tools, resources and even my own personal contacts that you will ever need to.…

  • Research, generate and source hot ideas/concepts/subjects that will sell?
  • Write and edit the content (if necessary)
  • Brand the final product
  • Market the final product
  • Identify ready-made marketplaces for your product
  • Help you find partners that will help you sell even more of your product

Yes, I will show you EXCATLY how I done this and made thousands of £££’s in a very short period of time for little money and little effort! (Please note that some actual money and effort was required – but not a great deal)

Yes, I will give you access to all my own resources and contacts. (Names, email addys, phone numbers – the whole caboodle)

Yes, I will talk you through every step and show you how you can keep doing this, over and over again…profitably!

Trust me – all of this is worth a small fortune and I can assure you that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme (some work is required) nor is it one of those products or offerings that leaves you thinking…“that was all sizzle but no sausage”.

For more detailed information please call me directly on 0777 2283926 for an informal and NO OBLIGATION chat/chinwag about how we can develop your “second skill” to generate additional income?

Alternatively – why not drop me an email and we can start you on the way to developing some great home business ideas.