wemadethat_630x420Small Business Ideas for Women Workshop

More women are starting their own businesses in order to live the lives they want!

Let’s be honest women are more resourceful then us men! (C’mon admit it!)

They are recognised as better multi-taskers and being better organisers than us guys and this makes them potentially great entrepreneurs.

In fact, mums are more likely to launch a small business and more likely to be successful at it, this is in part due to the fact that most of them run busy households, juggle a variety of tasks and manage the schedules and activities of those living in the household – making them ideal entrepreneurs!

In the UK there are nearly 1.5 Million women who are self-employed and now we have developed a course to help any lady who wishes to add to this number.

women entrepreneursMore and more of my clients are women and the proportion of SME’s managed by women is increasing.  I strongly believe that there are more women with great entrepreneurial ideas who need the support to help their businesses succeed. I have no idea why that is but I can make some educated guesses…

I have already stated that women have the ideal qualities to start and manage a successful small business.  I can provide help with creating ideas, validating opportunities and marketing the idea using a proven model.

I have developed a valuable, fun and easy to follow workshop that will teach any lady how to set up their own business and become self –sufficient – a business that you can run and manage around your busy lifestyle.

  •  Imagine being your own boss!
  • Imagine total flexibility to work around lifestyle and family commitments.
  • Choose your own hours and make your own money by doing your own thing!
  • Your success will be down to you!

This fantastic, fun and valuable workshop will help lady entrepreneurs achieve the following…

  • Come up with great business ideas
  • Manage a start up business
  • Analyse a market size & potential
  • How to price a product or service
  • How to market the product or service using tools they can use in their sleep (mobile phones & social media)
  • Build a business that is practically on auto-pilot.

Come, learn and engage with other like-minded female entrepreneurs at the best Small Business Ideas for Women Workshop in the UK!!