Did you know that 42.13% of visitors click on the #1 spot on Google search results?

Isn’t that staggering?
11.90% click on #2
8.5% on #3.

This reduces in increments all the way down to only 2.85% clicking on #9.

The difference can be as dramatic as having 1,000,000 clicks on #1 and only 147,800 on #9. A BIG difference.

By getting to #1, you will increase your traffic & sales for that keyword for 1,478%!

But even jumping from #9 to #3 can TRIPLE your traffic & sales (298% increase).

A powerful backlink campaign will get you there. Imagine the sort of money you could be making if you were #1 on Google for all of your targeted keywords.

1st Place on Google Can Increase Your Sales For 1,478%!